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RISIS presented to the Czech expert community

June 10, 2019
RISIS was presented for the first time to the Czech research community and policy-makers during the national conference on STI statistics and analyses, held on 26 April 2019. This annual conference has been organized jointly by the Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Czech Statistical Office since 2010. The audience traditionally consists of leading research and innovation policy makers from various Czech ministries, agencies, and other governmental bodies, as well…

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Big data and RI: a RISIS poster at OpenAire workshop

May 23, 2019
RISIS will land in Ghent, on 27 and 28 May 2019, with a poster presentation for the workshop “Research policy monitoring in the era of open science and big data”.   The two-day workshop, coorganised by OpenAIRE and Data4Impact, with support of Science Europe, will explore mechanisms for research policy monitoring and indicators, and how to link these to infrastructure and services. The first day will focus on open science indicators as these emerge from…

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RISIS aims and plans: interview with Philippe Laredo, project coordinator

May 13, 2019
It has been a few months since the beginning of RISIS2 project, major research infrastructure with the aim of studying and developing Science, Technology and innovation indicators. 13 tested dataset, 4 on site and a research infrastructure through which is possible to have open access to all resources. A decidedly multidisciplinary approach: “RISIS is a research infrastructure, meaning that it serves first and foremost the research communities associated with research and innovation policies and studies,…

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Eu-SPRI2019: RISIS and Knowmak meet users

May 3, 2019
Open data, big data, new research avenues and their relation with Research Infrastructure for Science, Technology and Innovation studies will be topics of discussion at Eu-SPRI 2019, a three days conference focuses on actors, instruments, practices, and policies for research and innovation to pursuing sustainable development goals using the problem-solving approach.   Eu-SPRI will take place in Rome, hosted by Research Institute on Sustainable Economic Growth of Italian National Research Council (Cnr-Ircres), from 5 to 7…

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RISIS Newsletter is ready to go

April 23, 2019
RISIS newsletter is on its way, and now you can subscribe for it. First RISIS newsletter is scheduled for the end of June, and it will became a regular appointment with big data, core datasets and all project developments on site. Indeed, main topics covered will be output and activities of RISIS research, with a focus on past results and research activities in development. Wide space will give at deepening on Science Technology and Innovations…

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