This project is funded by the European Union under Horizon2020 Research and Innovation Programme Grant Agreement n°824091
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RISIS Indicators


RISIS is developing a  tool  to provide interactive visualisations and indicators on knowledge co‐creation in the European research area. The tool is structured around three integrative elements:


  • Research topics, by developing an ontology on Societal Grand Challenges (SGC) and Key Enabling Technologies (KET);


  • Research actors, both “conventional” and social actors;


  • Geographical spaces and, more specifically, countries and regions.



The central characteristic is the definition of the three cross-cutting integrative dimensions, which define the aggregation and granularity level at which indicators are constructed:



  • Topics/Ontology. An ontologyof terms related to Key Emerging Technologies and Societal Grand Challenges, which are used to aggregate data and indicators to topics at different levels of granularity.



  • Actors. Organizations are major actors of knowledge production and, therefore, provide data and indicators at this level of aggregation, rather than at the level of research groups or individual persons. Three main types of actors have been covered: public sector research organisations, firms, and social innovation actors.



  • Geographical spaces. Data and indicators are aggregated at the level of regions, identified through an adapted classification from the EUROSTAT NUTS classification that includes the EUROSTAT metropolitan regions and the remaining regions identified at the NUTS level 2.



As a general principle, all data and indicators provided by the tool refer to one or more of these three dimensions (e.g. the number of publications in a geographical space by topic).




Integrated indicators (soon available):


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