4# RISIS POLICYMAKERS SESSION: How advanced bibliometrics reveals cancer research dynamics

On Thursday the 9th of July, the 4th RISIS POLICYMAKERS SESSION entitled “Mapping R&D to policy goals and societal challenges” took place online on the GoToMeeting platform with the participation of 40 people among experts, policy analysts, and academics.


The conference began with an Opening of Dr. Alessia Fava, Research Institute on Sustainable Economic Growth, National Research Council of Italy, mainly focused on RISIS dissemination and communication ongoing activities.


The 4th Policymakers Session focused on the results of a study conducted by CWTS, Leiden University titled Revealing dynamics, structure, and societal connections. How advanced bibliometrics support science policy analyses. Dr. Ismael Rafols introduced the study. The team took into consideration the example of cancer research as reported by Dr. Alfredo Yegros Yegros to illustrate the potential of bibliometric data to reveal information beyond counting publications and citations, and specifically to gain insights into the dynamics of a research field or organization, its structure and its different ways in which research is connected to societal processes. The bibliometric analyses have been conducted using the RISIS CWTS publication Dataset as Dr. Ed Noyons illustrated.


The second part of the conference was dedicated to the contribution of three discussants: Dr. Michael M. Hopkins (SPRU, The Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex, UK), Dr. Jarno Hoekman  (Universiteit Utrecht) and Dr. Lennart Stenberg  (VINNOVA, Sweden’s innovation agency) debated on how advanced bibliometrics analyses can reveal the scientific production, the medical innovation, and the various funding system.