Research Infrastructure for Science

and Innovation policy Studies

RISIS is an European research infrastructure, involving 18 prestigious partners, including universities and research institutes. Its main purpose is to promote the development of a new generation of analyses and indicators in the field of Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI), by enhancing the accessibility, transparency, and interoperability of research data. Additionally, it provides innovative services and tools that assist researchers in producing advanced analyses, including those aimed at supporting the adoption of evidence-based policies.

RISIS develops and integrates 15 datasets, which include bibliometric data, data on patents, trademarks, investment in research and innovation, data on international scientific collaboration, and much other information relevant to the field of Science, Technology and Innovation. RISIS also offers 2 registries on public organizations (universities, research institutions) and companies. A key aspect of the infrastructure is the integration between access to datasets and a range of services dedicated to data processing and analysis.

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