This project is funded by the European Union under Horizon2020 Research and Innovation Programme Grant Agreement n°824091
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Risis Resources

RISIS provides access to R&I Datasets, two Organization Registers, ready-made R&I Indicators, and supporting Services Data Handling and Enrichments, as well as Advanced Methods for Data Analysis


These resources can be mobilized to address research questions of different kind, not only in the field of science, innovation and policy studies, but also in related fields, such as economics, regional science, management science, organization science, etc.


Examples are research endeavors that deal with:


♦  investigating the complex relationships between R&D policy and R&D processes and outputs


♦  exploring firms` innovation capabilities and their drivers


♦  exploring geographical dynamics of knowledge production and innovation


♦  identifying R&D actors in policy relevant research fields, and investigate where they are located, and how they are they inter-connected



This section provides a brief description, information and access to:






Organisation Registers









Methods for data analysis