This project is funded by the European Union under Horizon2020 Research and Innovation Programme Grant Agreement n°824091
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RISIS Services


CORTEXT is a platform for on-line treatment of large heterogeneous textual corpuses and currently it operates as a platform offering researchers different ways to enrich and analyse their corpuses. CorTexT provides text mining tools and socio-semantics analysis for corpus-level (inter-document) analysis, including data parser (txt, doc, json, ris and other proprietary format such as WoS, Scopus, Factiva,…), term extraction, generation of word2vec models, interaction networks (e.g. retweet networks), clustering, and graph-based community detection.




GATE Cloud is complementary to CorTexT, as it provides numerous open-source multilingual tools and services for deep natural language processing analysis, on a document-by-document basis. This includes lexical analysis, Named Entity Recognition (NER), entity linking with Linked Open Data (LOD) resources), and ontology-based semantic annotation.




D4Science is a Hybrid Data Infrastructure serving a number of Virtual Research Environments exploited in the context of several European projects and international partnerships. D4Science will design, deploy, and operate a VRE (Virtual Research Environment) to foster interaction between RISIS-RCF and OpenAire with the view to have the RISIS project to contribute to the OSaaS (Open Science as a Service), while linking a Community Based Infrastructure in science policy and innovation studies.




It is the European Data Infrastructure for Scientific Open Access. CNR-ISTI is responsible of the OpenAIRE development and pre-production infrastructure. Specific and relevant databases and contents will be imported from the OpenAIRE infrastructure, through the implementation of a VRE by D4Science.