4# September: a journey within RISIS and its Datasets at ESOF2020 in Trieste

Can we consider universities as similar, when in Europe 200 of them represent 80% of European university publications? How to monitor the progress of new sciences when frontier research becomes a policy priority and exceeds disciplinary borders? Is the delineation of national-level actors still relevant if 200 multinational firms dominate half of world industrial R&D?



On 4th September (10.15 -11.45 CEST) ESOF2020 hosts a virtual RISIS Panel to address, discuss, and debate these policy questions which involve the future innovation systems.



RISIS Panel at ESOF2020, in particular, will focus also on the Knowmak-tool with a  presentation of Dr. Thomas Scherngell, Dr. Barbara Antonioli Mantegazzini, and Dr. Ed Noyons (The RISIS-KNOWMAK tool providing integrated indicators on research and innovation activities across Europe with use cases as examples).  

The illustration of Knowmak-tool will be introduced by an exploration of RISIS activities by Dr. Emanuela Reale and the delineation of strategies and ambitions by Dr. Philippe Laredo, the RISIS project coordinator.



The last part of the virtual conference will be dedicated to policy questions with a session entitled Addressing research and policy questions using RISIS resources and with the involvement of Dr. Ilaria Fava (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen), Dr. Koen Jonkers (DG Joint Research Centre, European Commission) and Dr. Johannes Klumpers (Head of Research and Industrial Infrastructures Unit at European Commission).




Video of RISIS Panel






Presentations available on Zenodo



RSIS Panel: Meet the speakers at ESOF2020