The RISIS-Zenodo community space is used as repository for RISIS research activities and outcomes.

It is directly embedded in OpenAIRE, and has efficient search functionalities enabling to browse and download specific document types, such as training materials, conference presentations, policy briefs, publications, etc., and to search for them e.g. in relation to our focus on the triplet organisations, geography and themes.

The RISIS-Zenodo space fulfills two main purposes:

1) Repository for RISIS activities and research outcomes from partners in the RISIS project, such as documentations of datasets, training materials, but also conference presentations and working papers, media (e.g. videos), etc.

2) Repository for research outcomes from RISIS users, e.g. in the form of conference presentations, working papers, publications, new datasets, visualisations, etc. Note that this is a main principle of Access in relation to our inscription to Open Science. In the RISIS Code of Conduct, it is accordingly noted that all users are obliged to upload their outcomes in that space.