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Policy briefs




The Editorial board of the RISIS2 Policy Brief Series invite RISIS partners to submit proposals for 2019-2020 issues.


The Policy Brief Series aims at disseminating key results coming from RISIS2 to improve the use of data for evidence-based policy making. The outcomes should be presented through short documents pointing out the main policy issues at stake, demonstrating the contribution provided by RISIS, and what new avenues for research are now open.


Policy briefs could be produced by different WPs and are coordinated by WP2. They will be circulated around the broad community of scholars, stakeholders and policy makers through the RISIS communication channels, including the website for downloading.


Partners of RISIS2 Consortium responsible for core datasets and new datasets are supposed to contribute to the Series. Partners involved in the Dissemination Workshop in Brussels shall prepare a policy brief in advance.


The proposal must follow a logical structure, read clearly, and represents the available research in a concise manner. The paper should be minimum 2,500 words and maximum 3,500 words, including a presentation (max 250 words) references, tables, and appendices.


All proposals are subject to editorial review. Submissions will be revised by the Editorial Board. Proposals can be submitted any time at, with subject line “RISIS2 Policy Brief Series – Proposal, [Name of Authors]”.


Feedback to the authors is sent fifteen days after the submission. Authors have ten days to submit the final version of the Policy Brief. The Final version will be published using the layout of the Series.


For question and assistance, please contact Dr. Grazia Battiato at