The Governing Board (GB) for all decisions about evolution of project and supported by the Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) with two functions: overseeing the results deriving from use & advising about future directions (both scientific and institutional).  It meets at least once a year to review past activities and defines the directions for the coming year.

It is composed of one representative per member.

The composition of the Governing Board for 2019 is as follows:

Partner 1: EIFFEL (Ex UPEM) – Philippe Larédo

Partner 2: AIT – Thomas Scherngell

Partner 3: Politecnico di Milano – Massimiliano Guerini

Partner 4: CNR – Emanuela Reale

Partner 5: University of Leiden – Ed Noyons

Partner 6: University of Sheffield – Diana Maynard

Partner 7: Fraunhofer – Rainer Frietsch

Partner 8: USI – Benedetto Lepori

Partner 9: JOANNEUM –  Michael Ploder

Partner 10: University of Sussex – Roberto Camerani

Partner 11: DZHW – Stephan Stahlschmidt

Partner 12: STRATHCLYDE – Abdullah GÖK

Partner 13:  UNIROMA – Cinzia Daraio

Partner 14: NIFU – Eric Iversen

Partner 15: CSIC – Jordi Molas-Gallart

Partner 16: SNI – Daphne Getz

Partner 17 TC CAS – Michal Pazour

Partner 18: OPENAIRE – Pedro Principe