RISIS also includes two actor-based registers of “research performers” and funders:

ORGREG, a reference database  on public research comprising:Higher Education Institutions, Public Research Organisations, Research Hospitals, Research Performing NGOs and Research Funding Organisations (in progress);

FIRMREG, a reference register on private actors, combining the firms from the 3 firm datasets (CIB, VICO and Cheetah) with their linkages, enabling actor-level harmonisation at European level.

The register system allows to identify in an unambiguous way organizations and their linkages, by attributing stable identifiers that can be used to match them with other datasets.

Moreover, the registers constitute the central linking mechanism between different RISIS datasets featuring organisations, enabling for instance joint analysis across different dimensions of knowledge production and innovation (e.g. patenting, publishing, project-based R&D).