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6# Policymakers Session: Large firms’ inventions call for strategic innovation policies

Which are the principal actors of innovation worldwide? Where are concentrated the inventive activities and why? The 6th RISIS Policymakers Session will take place on the 3rd December in an online format (2 pm – 4 pm) with a presentation of Patricia Laurens, Antoine Schoen and Philippe Larédo (LISIS, Université Gustave Eiffel), aiming to explore the universe of international patents and the role of multinational firms in shaping the dynamics of knowledge production worldwide.     RISIS will focus on a study conducted…

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ICT, the increasing competitive position of China

A recent study published on Plos One by Thomas Scherngell, Charlotte Rohde, and Martina Neulaendtner (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology) and entitled The dynamics of global R&D collaboration networks in ICT: does China catch up with the US? explores the structure and dynamics of global Research & Development (R&D)  collaboration networks in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), by analyzing cross-country co-patents.     The analyses were conducted using data from the RISIS-Patent dataset ,  a standardized…

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RISIS CIB2 (Corporate Invention Board) Tutorial is online on the Zenodo community space. The RISIS CIB2 database uses the RISIS Patent database, a LISIS enriched and simplified version of the PATSTAT 2017 April release, as a primary source.    CIB2 is a database including priority patents of the top 3992 corporate innovators worldwide (applications 2000-2015). It provides data and indicators at the firm level for the worldwide largest R&D corporate performers that represent over 90% of world corporate industrial…

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