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Exploring the effect of institutional autonomy in Higher Education

March 21, 2023
The 26th RISIS Research Seminar took place on 19th April from 12.30 to 2.00 pm (CET)  and focused on a paper  by Patrick Painsi, University of Graz. Tatiana Fumasoli, UCL Centre for Higher Education Studies, University College London, was involved as discussant. The paper aims to evaluate the effect of various forms of institutional autonomy on higher education (HE) institutions' success at three primary mission objectives of HE institutions (graduates, research, knowledge exchange).   The central…

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The Empirical Analysis of Degree-Mobile Students: The Hosting Country Perspective

February 27, 2023
The 25th RISIS Research Seminar took place on 15th March from 12.30 to 2.00 pm (CET)  and focused on a presentation entitled The Empirical Analysis of Degree-Mobile Students: The Hosting Country Perspective, by Dmitriy Fedotov, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto. Mabel Sanchez Barrioluengo, University of Manchester, was involved as a discussant.   Both national governments and international statistical agencies have to deal with the challenge of receiving precise and credible data on…

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Gender and career progression in academia: European evidence

January 22, 2023
The 24th RISIS Research Seminar will take place on 15th February from 12.30 to 2.00 pm (CET)  and will focus on a presentation entitled Gender and career progression in academia: European evidence, by Lucio Morettini, IRCrES-CNR Research Institute on Sustainable Economic Growth of National Research Council of Italy. Academic career progression is highly gender biased in favor of males, especially at the upper end of the job distribution and in fields related to science and technology. However,  literature…

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RISIS Data Science Winter School: 25 selected of more than 150 applications

January 12, 2023
More than 150 requests of participation reached RISIS Data Science Winter School Secretariat during this very successful edition. Only 25 participants coming from various countries were admitted to join the courses that will be organized for the first time after the pandemic emergency physically in Rome.     Providing the essential tools for a correct application of some popular Network Science, Spatial Models and Machine Learning methods in various STI contexts.This is the main purpose…

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RISIS Methods in Action: Classifying Higher Education Institutions using Latent Class Analysis

RISIS Methods in Action “Classifying Higher Education Institutions using Latent Class Analysis” is organized by USI, Università della Svizzera Italiana and will take place on  8 March, 14 and 20 March 2023 on online platform. The course deals with the conceptual and methodological issues of HEI classification and diversity analysis and introduce Latent Class Analysis as a statistical tool for HEI’s classification. Online course including: On-line lecture presenting Latent Class Analysis (LCA) as a method to group observations and…

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