RISIS WEEK 2023, the turning point of the project

The last RISIS WEEK will be organized from Monday January 30th, 2023 to Friday February 3rd. It represents a very important moment in the life of the project since it will collect all the achievements reached so far, not only it will involve all the services developed, designing the horizon in which all the partners moved in getting the new challenges surrounding the evolution of the infrastructure.



It will be organized in two sequences: a first sequence fully online (Monday and Tuesday) and a second sequence uniquely face to face in Paris (from Wednesday afternoon to Friday Afternoon).

The first two days online will be devoted to ‘demonstrations’ illustrating all the achievements. These will deal with new developments or new features of datasets, new services, and new combined uses of multiple datasets or datasets and services.



The second part of the week that will involve the partners physically in Paris will be dedicated to working sessions that  focus on ‘demonstrating the power of integration of RISIS’ around combined uses enabled by the integrating triplet: actor-place-theme.

There will be a  long session on SDG and the revised version of Knowmak, and 3 sessions on the positioning indicator priorities (universities and ORGREG, Regional knowledge bases, and Large firms). It is also scheduled as an open space for discussing similar ‘integration cases’ that  partners might have developed or are developing.