RISIS Methods in Action: Classifying Higher Education Institutions using Latent Class Analysis

RISIS Methods in Action “Classifying Higher Education Institutions using Latent Class Analysis” is organized by USI, Università della Svizzera Italiana and will take place on  8 March, 14 and 20 March 2023 on online platform.

The course deals with the conceptual and methodological issues of HEI classification and diversity analysis and introduce Latent Class Analysis as a statistical tool for HEI’s classification.

Online course including:

  • On-line lecture presenting Latent Class Analysis (LCA) as a method to group observations and its statistical foundations.
  • Group exercises where participants will apply LCA to the example dataset.
  • Plenary discussion on the results, their interpretation and issues with the resulting classification.


RISIS Methods in Action (MiA) series is meant to provide practical examples of how methodological problems in data analysis could be addressed in specific instances of scholarly research. To this aim, it will be generally based on an example of a scholarly published paper. Participants will be asked to replicate the study and discuss possible alternatives and limitations of the adopted approach.



Deadline for request of participation:

15th February 2023.

Contact person:

Ilaria Falvo, ilaria.falvo@usi.ch.


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