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Focus on RISIS: the structure

Which is the structure of RISIS?   RISIS contains 12 datasets that will integrate with four new datasets dealing with important lasting research and policy issues: Three datasets concern world largest firms (CIB2), European venture capital (VICO) and fast growing mid-sized firms (Cheetah);   Two datasets deal with European trans-border programmes (EUPRO e JoREP);   One Register on  European public research actors, ORGREG, which serves as repository, on universities, PROs and university hospitals;   Output datasets of knowledge…

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Zenodo, safe place for RISIS results

“Knowledge is the currency of the new economy”: with this sentence, that marks the beginning of a document released by the European Commission in 2012, is started a flow of policy reports focusing on open access to the results of research.   Recently, also RISIS has gained a relevant step towards open access world, to reduce asymmetries in actors who produce new knowledge, in the places where knowledge is generated, and in the issues addressed.…

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RISIS & Friends: The Research Infrastructures

According to European Commission, Research Infrastructures (RIs) are facilities that provide resources and services for research communities to conduct research and foster innovation.    “They can be used beyond research, for education or public services and they may be single-sited, distributed, or virtual”, they said. “They include major scientific equipment or sets of instruments, collections, archives or scientific data, computing systems and communication networks, and any other research and innovation infrastructure of a unique nature…

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