RISIS Newsletter is ready to go

RISIS newsletter is on its way, and now you can subscribe for it.

First RISIS newsletter is scheduled for the end of June, and it will became a regular appointment with big data, core datasets and all project developments on site. Indeed, main topics covered will be output and activities of RISIS research, with a focus on past results and research activities in development.

Wide space will give at deepening on Science Technology and Innovations field and on stakeholders engagement.


RISIS newsletter topics will reflect the four main domains of the project: Science &Technology production; firm innovation dynamics, with large firms worldwide and subsets of firms critical for European development, which include fast growing mid-sized firms, and venture capital backed start-up firms; policy learning, through specific datasets on policy evaluations and programme funding; careers, focusing on PhD careers.

Will be no lack of RISIS recent events tale, and the forthcoming ones.

Finally, we will keep you updated on the heart of RISIS project: the creation of a core facility that will provide systematic distant access for researchers and the ability to integrate the different datasets along three core dimensions: actors, place and themes.


How can you subscribe? Just go to www.risis2.eu/newsletter/ and insert your name and email. One unique door to access on a Science, Technology and Innovation world.