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Large firms’ inventions call for strategic innovation policies

Which are the principal actors of innovation worldwide? Where are concentrated the inventive activities and why? The 6th RISIS Policymakers Session took place on the 3rd December in an online format (2 pm – 4 pm) with a presentation of Patricia Laurens, Antoine Schoen and Philippe Larédo (LISIS, Université Gustave Eiffel), entitled International patents: the role of world largest firms in building competitive metropolitan areas, aiming to explore the universe of international patents and the role of multinational firms in shaping the dynamics of knowledge,…

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The CorText Geospatial Exploration Tool offers an original way, by combining in one unique tool a large variety of well-established sources of shapes. CorText Geospatial Exploration Tool is designed to work after CorText Geocoding service. It proposes base maps at four different scales (URA boundaries: for Urban and Rural Areas; UA boundaries: for Urban Area, is a subset extracted from the previous geographical layer, which includes only urban areas, to make it simpler (if needed); Regional boundaries,…

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