RISIS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: A New Era of Integrated Data and Innovation

RISIS International Conference took place from 6th to 8th November at Vienna TechGate and hosted by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology team. A three-day event with a lineup of demonstrations, discussions, and presentations showcasing the invaluable contributions of RISIS data to the researchers’ community, exploring the theme of “A new generation research infrastructure to access integrated data and indicators for Science and Innovation Studies.”


The conference offered a diverse range of engaging sessions designed to cater to various interests and specialties. Plenary sessions will focus on core integrative assets vital for the future development of RISIS, covering topics such as research datasets, indicators, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the intersection of geography and firms. Additionally, parallel sessions will delve into more specialized outcomes derived from RISIS datasets and tools, featuring enlightening research studies conducted by users from around the world.


A particularly intriguing segment of the conference will be the policy panel, where esteemed experts will shed light on the substantial value that RISIS brings to the study of economic and social change from a policy perspective. Gain valuable insights into the ways in which RISIS contributes to shaping our understanding of innovation and its impact on society.


Explore themes such as R&D funding  in Europe, the evolving landscape of higher education, social innovation across Europe, global R&D collaboration networks, science and innovation policy evaluations, entrepreneurial finance and start-ups, high-growth firms and scale-ups, innovation beyond traditional R&D-intensive areas, innovation in large firms, and the changing nature of research careers.


For all the partners involved in the H2020 funding project it’s time to engage with experts, explore innovative datasets and tools, and gain valuable insights into the dynamic world of Science and Innovation Studies. Let this event be the catalyst for new discoveries and impactful collaborations that will shape the future of research and innovation.