RISIS ETER Dataset, data and indicator needs for the European University Initiative

The 11th RISIS Policymakers Session took place on 13 June in an online format (2– 5 pm CEST)  and was introduced by Yann-Maël Bideau, Policy officer at European Commission.


The European University Initiative, promoted by the European Commission has ignited collaborations and alliances across all European countries. The goal of the 11 Policymakers’ session is to discuss the evolution of the Initiative based on new evidence coming from RISIS ETER Dataset.  ETER, the European Tertiary Education Register is a systematic and updated collection of official microdata on all higher education institutions in Europe supported by the Commission. ETER data will be used to characterize the Alliances created under the Initiative and to discuss the potential for the long term evolution of the European Higher Education Area.


The meeting is organized in two session enriched by two roundtables that sees the participation of the most representatives of European Academic universe: Session One Empirical evidence on the European University Initiative illustrated by Andrea Bonaccorsi, University of Pisa, and Session Two entitled Mapping the European University with the contribution of Marco Cavallaro and Agata Lambrechts, USI. 


The European University Initiative form the perspective of data and indicators. Evidence form ETER,  edited by Andrea Bonaccorsi will be illustrated. The study explores  the dimension of Higher Education in Europe, using RISIS ETER Dataset. The study examines the differences between institutions and contains insightful information on  European Higher Education Area like the relationship between PhD intensity and alliances: Universities participating in alliances have an average PhD intensity of 5,8%, against 2,5% for non participating.



Policy brief