#2 RISIS METHODS IN ACTIONS: Matching techniques for treatment effect analysis

The #2 RISIS Methods in Action course Matching techniques for treatment effect analysis is organized by POLIMI and will take place on online platform on 15 March, 22 March and 24 March 2022.


The course deals with the problem of selection bias when estimating causal effects in applied research and presents the most used matching techniques on company level data. Topics covered include Propensity Score Matching, Coarsened Exact Matching, and Methods for assessing the balance after matching. The aim is to test also the methods described above and discuss advantages and disadvantages using an example dataset.


RISIS Methods in Action (MiA) series is meant to provide practical examples of how methodological problems in data analysis could be addressed in specific instances of scholarly research. To this aim, it will be generally based on an example of a scholarly published paper. Participants will be asked to replicate the study and discuss possible alternatives and limitations of the adopted approach.



Deadline for request of participation:

20 February 2022.

Contact person:

Benedetta Montanaro (benedetta.montanaro@polimi.it)


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