Zenodo, safe place for RISIS results

“Knowledge is the currency of the new economy”: with this sentence, that marks the beginning of a document released by the European Commission in 2012, is started a flow of policy reports focusing on open access to the results of research.


Recently, also RISIS has gained a relevant step towards open access world, to reduce asymmetries in actors who produce new knowledge, in the places where knowledge is generated, and in the issues addressed. From now, RISIS has a place in Zenodo-community space.


As many know, Zenodo is an interdisciplinary open data repository service hosted by CERN, Geneva, and is compliant with the open data requirements of Horizon 2020, the EU Research and Innovation funding programme and OpenAIRE, the EC-funded initiative in support of the OA policies of the European Union. All data are stored in the CERN cloud infrastructure and are freely available.

The RISIS-Zenodo community space is used as repository for RISIS research activities and outcomes, and is directly embedded in OpenAIRE. Its efficient search functionalities enabling not only to browse and download specific document types, but also to search for them in relation to our focus on the organisations, geography and themes.