About RISIS webinars


Webinars – short for web seminars – are a modern way to interact online with a large and targeted audience in an easy and quick way, merging advantages of local trainings and e-learning tools in short teaching sessions for which there is no need for presenters and attendees to be together in a classroom. Webinars take approximately 90 minutes, with contribution of 1-3 speakers. Attendees to webinars can hear the presenters and see their contribution on their screen.


The software for RISIS webinars is ZOOM Meeting (General Guidelines and Rules for participants).


Who can organise a webinar

All members of RISIS Consortium can propose and organise a webinar. Non-member speakers may be part of a proposal led by a RISIS member, but the proposal must be submitted by a RISIS partner.


What can investigate

RISIS  webinars could be useful to discuss advancements produced within RISIS with a wide audience, or to circulate information about tools (e.g. Knowmak, OA). Webinars deals with RISIS services (semantic analysis, ontology building, geographical analysis, visualisation), and need to develop transversal efforts between RISIS groups.


Each webinar can last from a minimum of 60 minutes to a maximum of 90 minutes; the ideal webinar has at least 15 minutes to spend on introductions and Q&A. Participants should be minimum 15.


Priority will be given to proposals that address one of the topics reported in the table above, but you may also suggest a new topic.



How submit your proposal

You can submit your proposal at any time at  risis.communication@ircres.cnr.it

You can download the template here.


WP2 Coordintion Committee will review the proposals and will notify you by 15 days regarding your proposal.

WP2 Coordination Committee may elect to make adjustments to your proposal and may combine individual speakers from multiple proposals into a single panel if the topic warrants the approach.