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The labor-market placement of trained PhDs outside academia

How many trained PhDs wind up outside the academia? Where do they go?  What implications does this 'export' have for the (knowledge) economy?   The eight RISIS Research Seminar will take place on 14th April from 12.30 to 2 pm (CET)  and will focus on The labor-market placement of trained PhDs outside academia: measurement and analysis with a presentation of Eric J. Iversen, Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education, Oslo, Norway.   There is a long tradition…

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ProFile, a key study of PhD careers

Public research, Higher Education and careers are key elements of RISIS datasets. ProFile is one of them and is the only longitudinal study in Europe containing doctoral students from all scientific disciplines and regular information on the conditions of their doctoral training and their careers.   “ProFile, a longitudinal study of German doctoral candidates from all disciplines and their early post-doctoral careers, both in and outside of academia, contains a range of highly relevant output…

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