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The OpenAIRE Research Graph: an Open Access resource for research on research

  RISIS Tool Demonstration Events have the goal of presenting and practicing potentially useful tools for work with RISIS and related datasets, such as tools for name matching and geocoding. They have a strong practical character and must include practical activities for participants (guided). RISIS embraces the International Open Access Week 2022 with a session on the OpenAIRE Research Graph: an Open Access dataset with metadata about research products (literature, datasets, software, etc.) linked to…

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OrgReg: the ID of Public Research

How many and which European Research Organizations are involved in Research and Innovation? How are distributed and interlinked each other? OrgReg, the first Register of Public-Sector Organizations, is a set towards answering to this question, which is increasingly important given the role attributed to research organizations by new managerial paradigms in science and higher education policies.   “OrgReg is a facility developed within RISIS to provide a reference list of research organizations and higher education…

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