This project is funded by the European Union under Horizon2020 Research and Innovation Programme Grant Agreement n°824091
European Union



Dissemination addresses targeted groups of users to improve the understanding of what RISIS can offer to their research effort (learning objective).


It is also devoted to produce a change in the research practices of the existing STI community (transformative objective).


Furthermore, dissemination shall develop productive interactions between researchers in the field, scholars from neighboring fields, policy makers, practitioners, and researchers working in stakeholders’ organizations.



Four main group of activities:




  • ‘Awareness rising’ events with targeted audiences involving users from STI community, users from neighboring R&D communities and stakeholders organizations, to discuss items of interest, such as RISIS research outcomes, return experiences of users, planned developments of the research infrastructures, key research questions and ways to address them, role of the RISIS infrastructure for the goals of European integration.



  • Policy briefs, short documents which point out the main issues at stake, demonstrating the contribution provided by main results coming from RISIS and their value to improve the use of data for evidence- policy, and what new avenues for research are now open.



  • Communication Plan (to be defined) a strategic document which  outlines the overall approach for communicating with stakeholders and partners about RISIS. It outlines key messages, describes key stakeholders, and describes communications activities.



Here the Engagement Chart

(to be defined)