In key conference they are specific events (panels, round tables, etc.) directed to targeted audiences involving users from STI community, users from neighbouring R&D communities and stakeholders’ organizations.


Their aim is to discuss items of interest, such as RISIS research outcomes, return experiences of users, planned developments of the research infrastructures, key research questions and ways to address them, role of the RISIS infrastructure for the goals of European integration.


The first awareness-raising event “RISIS AND KNOWMAK MEET USERS was organised during Eu-SPRI Conference 2019.


The second awareness-raising event, a panel entitled Open Research Infrastructure in the field of Science and Innovation Policies Studies: a journey within RISIS and its datasets was organized at ESOF2020 (Euroscience Open Forum of Trieste) on 4th September 2020.


The third awareness-raising event, a sub-plenary entitled RISIS new resources for researchers and policymakers: ESID and ISI-Trademarks was organized at Eu-SPRI Conference 2021 (Oslo (virtual) on 9th June 2021.