RISIS2 shines as Gold Sponsor at ENID STI Conference 2023

RISIS2 is joining ENID STI Conference 2023 which is set to  begin on September 27th in Leiden, as the Gold Sponsor. The conference will be organised by CWTS in collaboration with the European Network of Indicator Developers (ENID). The event promises to be an extraordinary opportunity for researchers, policymakers, and experts to delve into cutting-edge research and connect with industry experts.

One of the highlights of the event will be the RISIS session scheduled for Thursday, September 28th, chaired by Thomas Scherngell (AIT). The session will delve into various topics, providing valuable insights into the world of innovation and spatial economics.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore topics in the RISIS session, including:

  • “Potentials for Reducing Spatial Inequalities in Innovation: A Spatial Econometric Perspective” by Theresa Burscher;
  • “The Impact of Knowledge Complexity on Total Factor Productivity in European Metropolitan Regions” by Nico Pintar.

While you’re at the conference, make sure to drop by the RISIS exhibition booth. Here, you’ll have the chance to watch RISIS promotional video and see the collection of RISIS Policy Brief Series, an essential resource for anyone interested in staying updated on the latest developments in the project.

The 27th International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators promises to be an invaluable opportunity to engage with cutting-edge research, expand your knowledge, and establish connections with experts in the field.

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