RISIS WEEK 2022: achievements and new challenges

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, for the second year RISIS partners will meet virtually to discuss about achievements and results, developments and great challenges.


For a week, from 24 to 28 January 2022 all 18 RISIS project partners will discuss participating in a very rich program organized in different panel. Plenaries Sessions will illustrate the orientations of the project and in particular, among other aspects, will focus on dataset developments, interaction with the community and visibility of RISIS in the perspective of his legacy and future. Break-out Sessions will explore the developments on specific topics, among others, sessions will be dedicated to NATPRO&EFIL, Orgreg, Firmreg.


Moreover, Demonstration Sessions will highlight achievements and results and an important part will be represented by the preparation of the opening of the RCF (RISIS Core Facility), with a demonstration  and a training session about the development and use of RCF scenarios. Last but not least, a parallel session will be dedicated to exemplary results arrived at by the Community of users. The session will be concluded with a panel on the views and suggestions elaborated by users.