RISIS will have a place in ESOF2020

RISIS will take part in Euro Science Open Forum (ESOF)2020, with a 90 minutes interactive round table aiming to discuss recent changes in knowledge production, and how they are likely to be empowered by using a research infrastructure. We have imagined an interactive session, to get all participants close to RISIS project: at this purpose, a ‘RISIS DEMO’ will be created, directly linked to a QrCode. Users will be led during the session into RISIS data and resources, and will be introduced into the interdisciplinary approach of RISIS datasets families, in order to develop an effective and continuous process of interaction between Science, Technology and Innovation scholars, scholars from neighbouring fields and stakeholders.


The Demo will build on our triplet: Actors, Geography and Themes, and the panel discussion will point out how data can be used for addressing research questions relevant for policy making: Is the delineation of national level actors still relevant if 200 multinational firms dominate the half of world industrial R&D? Can we consider universities as similar when in Europe 200 of them represent 80% of European university publications? How to monitor the progress of new sciences when frontier research becomes a policy priority and exceeds disciplinary borders?

Finally, will be discussed the rules on open access to research outcomes, and the connection between open access to research data, and research data management.


ESOF is a biennial general science conference dedicated to scientific R&I, bringing together over 4,500 innovators, policy makers, journalists and educators from more than 90 countries, to discuss current and future breakthroughs in contemporary science. ESOF2020 will be held in Trieste, from 5 to 9 July 2020.

A relevant occasion to increase RISIS profile and to widen its community.