They are a kind of awareness rising events specially organized to involve policy makers on specific issues, also adopting a new approach to aggregated data circulation, in particular towards policy analysts and policymakers.

These events are also devoted to shape other communications tools with a learning attitude: what is the novelty and what type of use is expected (learning from the audience and observing how they understand what we do).


RISIS Policy meetings will take in place in Brussels, every trimester for a half-day presentation and discussion around one key result from RISIS. This will be the occasion to present all the material developed around RISIS results.

The focus of the meetings will be datasets as new resources; we will discuss features of the datasets and potential for addressing key research questions. Major results will be presented, as well as consequence of the exploration of new research avenues by using RISIS resources. Finally, we will give space to new results not yet developed and on future directions.


First policy meeting is scheduled on October 24 and will be dedicated to Cheetah, unique source of data that offers to researchers new opportunities to study the growth dynamics of a relevant category of firms (i.e. mid-sized firms), which however has been almost neglected by the current academic literature on firm growth.