Eu-SPRI2019: RISIS and Knowmak meet users

Open data, big data, new research avenues and their relation with Research Infrastructure for Science, Technology and Innovation studies will be topics of discussion at Eu-SPRI 2019, a three days conference focuses on actors, instruments, practices, and policies for research and innovation to pursuing sustainable development goals using the problem-solving approach.


Eu-SPRI will take place in Rome, hosted by Research Institute on Sustainable Economic Growth of Italian National Research Council (Cnr-Ircres), from 5 to 7 june 2019.

RISIS will have a special panel session on Thursday 6 June, from 10 to 11 am. It will be an occasion to meet users and talk about the value of knowledge production and the role of research organizations, and how were recently influenced by development of research infrastructures at European level, the use of open data and the availability of big data.


Are new research avenues visible using these new resources? What are the changes produced in the modes of knowledge production? How policies at national and supra-national level promote and regulate the use of the new tools?