CHEETAH dataset Tutorial

The Cheetah dataset contains geographical, industry, accounting and ownership information on three cohorts of medium-sized firms that experienced sales or employment fast growth rates in the periods 2008-2011, 2009-2012 and 2010-2013. These fast growing medium-sized firms (FGMFs) are located in 30 European countries (EU-28, Norway and Switzerland) plus Israel. Cheetah covers an overall number of 42,369 firms.



EUPRO database Tutorial

The EUPRO database comprises information on R&D projects and all participating organizations funded by different public R&D funding programmes, mainly the EU FP, but also including COST, EUREKA and JTIs. It has been a significant asset of the AIT Center for Innovation Systems & Policy Innovation, used over the past ten years for basic oriented research projects and contract research for national and international customers, such as the European Commission. EUPRO is maintained and regularly updated (annual additions of new information), and also constantly advanced by additional modules, most impor tantly the addition of national programmes next to European and transnational ones.



RISIS PATENT database Tutorial

The RISIS Patent database derives from the EPO PATSTAT (Version April 2017), a database provided by the European Patent Office and considered as a reference in the field of patent intelligence and statistics. It contains bibliographical patent data from leading industrialised and developing countries. Building on competencies accumulated over the years and mobilizing dedicated resources, IFRIS UPEM, as a research center specialized in quantitative STI, has incorporated in the RISIS Patent database a series of improvements, stemming from outside providers or from its own proprietary developments (filling of missing data, calculations of indicators, geocoding of addresses and their allocation to functional urban areas, classification of technologies, typology of applicants).



SIPER database Tutorial

SIPER stands for Science and Innovation Policy Evaluations Repository, which is a central source of knowledge on science, technology and innovation (STI) studies evaluation reports. Furthermore, it is embedded in a larger scale multi-partner effort, entitled the Research Infrastructure for Science and Innovation Policy Studies (RISIS) project, now having started its second round aiming at interconnecting datasets from various disciplines. SIPER’s objective is mainly to identify, collect and characterise evaluation reports of STI studies for presenting them to wider stakeholders and to conduct academic research by analysing these evaluations.



VICO database Tutorial

The VICO database contains geographical, industry and accounting information on 17,854 companies founded starting from 1/1/1988, which have received at least one venture capital or angel investment starting from 1/1/1998 up to 31/12/2014, operating in 7 European countries (Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom) and Israel. Companies and investors have been involved in 28,023 investment deals. Moreover, it provides basic information on 6,839 distinct investors, of which 5,172 venture capitalists (VCs) and 1,551 business angels (BAs) (plus a small percentage of other investors, e.g. crowdfunding, private equity…). Companies and investors have been involved in 28,023 investment deals, for a total of 52,629 observations (as one or more investors can be involved in each single investment round).