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8th RISIS Policymakers Session: Evaluation studies, potentials of the SIPER DATABASE

2.00 – 2.10 Welcome & Introduction by Alessia Fava  IRCrES, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche   2.10 – 2.50  Presentation by Susanne Bührer, Jakob Edler, and Elisa Wallwaey   Fraunhofer ISI   2.50 – 3.20 Discussion with Michael Keenan Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation (OECD)   3.20 – 4.00 Debate & Closing   Agenda Policy brief | Issue #8 REGISTRATION FORM [sibwp_form id=4]

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Evaluation studies, potentials of the SIPER DATABASE

Which kinds of impacts play the most important role in recent evaluation studies? Which policy instruments are most frequently evaluated according to social and environmental impacts and what are the characteristics of the policy measures for which social and environmental impacts are evaluated?     The 8th RISIS Policymakers Session will take place on the 30th September in an online format (2 pm – 4 pm) with a presentation of  Dr. Susanne Bührer, Dr.Susanne Meyer, and Dr. Jakob Edler…

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