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OrgReg Access

RCF provides access to the OrgReg Register and to the Higher Education Institutions database (RISIS-ETER). They are accessible on a separate interface, but are connected by the use of the same identifiers (i.e. the HEIs database contains a subset of the entities covered by the OrgReg).


The OrgReg Register interface

The register tab opens a search interface for the register of public research and higher education organizations. The search function includes the following variables:


  • Year:the user can choose one or several years between 2000 and the most current year using a slider. When a foundation year in the data is missing (‘m’), it is assumed that the entity is active since at least the year 2000.


  • Country of location:users can select their country of interest, multi-selection is possible.


  • Level of entity:the user can choose the level of entity, multi-selection is possible.


  • Type of entity:similar to the option above, users can choose the type of entity, where multi-selection is also possible.



The register data can be displayed in two different formats:


  • Search for active entities and corresponding information.


  • Retrieve panel data from the register.