The value added of RISIS to study the economic and social change: A policy perspective

In a dynamic session held during the RISIS International Conference on November 6-8, 2023, a prominent Policy Panel took place, aimed at stimulating a collaborative discussion among policymakers, researchers, and professionals from diverse backgrounds. The focus was on reflecting on the challenges and opportunities associated with RISIS’ role in contributing to policy studies.

Chaired by Emanuela Reale (CNR-IRCrES), the panel featured distinguished experts:

Andrés Barreneche Garcia (OECD): Leading the STIP Compass initiative, Barreneche Garcia shared insights into the current policy landscape and the strategic directions shaping science, technology, and innovation policies.

Colin Tück (HE Policy Consultant): Bringing a wealth of expertise as a consultant in higher education policy, Tück contributed valuable perspectives on the intersections of RISIS and policy considerations in the realm of higher education.

Nicola Dotti (Science Europe): Serving as the Senior Policy Officer at Science Europe, Dotti offered a comprehensive view on the policy dimensions within the European scientific community, emphasizing the pivotal role RISIS plays in this context.

The panel aimed to foster a comprehensive dialogue addressing the multifaceted aspects of policy studies and exploring how RISIS could actively contribute to overcoming challenges and leveraging opportunities in this evolving landscape. The intersection of academia, research, and policy was a key theme, reflecting the increasing importance of collaborative efforts in shaping effective and informed policies. The diverse expertise of the panelists provided attendees with an understanding of the current state and potential future directions for policy studies within the RISIS framework.