This project is funded by the European Union under Horizon2020 Research and Innovation Programme Grant Agreement n°824091
European Union


October 12, 2020

Providing the essential tools for a correct application of some popular Network Science, Spatial Models and Machine Learning methods in various STI contexts.


This is the main purpose of RISIS online SCHOOL on DATA SCIENCE organized by CNR-IRCrES in collaboration with AIT, planned in virtual form from 15th  to 26th of February 2021.


In particular: Machine Learning techniques prove useful for factor importance detection, as well as for classification purposes in a model-free stance; Network Science and Spatial Models techniques are useful to identify and study the structure and dynamics of large and complex STI communities.


The course foresees three modules (one on Network Science, one on Spatial Models, and one on Machine Learning) with the aim of balancing theory and applications. Participants will run some exercises assigned by the instructor under his supervision.

Call for application for Online School on Tools and methods for analysing complex Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) systems is now open.


Deadline for a request of participation: 18th of November 2020.


The target audience for this course is researchers in research policy, higher education, and innovation studies with a quantitative orientation, who aim to extend their competence in Network Science, Spatial Models, and Machine Learning analysis. Senior scientists, early career researchers, and Ph.D. students at the last phase of their training; Officers from the policymaking level; Research associations.


The course is free of charge for European participants and part of RISIS Training activities. A contribution of 50,oo euro is foreseen for extra European countries participants.


Further information: RISIS Online School on Tools and methods for analysing complex Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) systems