RISIS RESEARCH SEMINARS to promote communication among scholars

A series of RISIS Research Seminars are planned on a monthly base, from September 2020 to May 2021 to foster the exchange of ideas within and outside the RISIS community. During the meetings, scholars or practitioners can present and discuss their ongoing research. To improve the effectiveness of the seminars, a discussant from the scientific community is involved. The first organized on 9th September by USI (Università della Svizzera Italiana) will focus on Business Model and Value Creation in Higher Education with a presentation of Barbara Antonioli Mantegazzini.


RISIS Research Seminars want to promote communication among scholars at a critical stage of their research on a shared topic. Seminars are dedicated to the presentation and discussion of the research ongoing work of researchers and practitioners that use RISIS datasets and cover RISIS topics. Each seminar is organized usually into two slots: presentation of the paper/research first, then virtual floor discussion.


After the first one organized by USI, Giovanni Cerulli (CNR-IRCrES) will hold the one planned for 7th October 2020 entitled How universities react to funding policies: The effects at performance level. Thomas Scherngell and Martina Neuländtner (AIT, Austrian Institute of Technology) on 11th  November 2020 will give their valuable contribution to R&D networks and their effects on heterogeneous modes of knowledge creation: Evidence from a spatial econometric perspective. The last of the year is planned for 9th December with a presentation of CWTS Leiden University on Alternative data sources for bibliometric analyses: pros and cons, benefits and caveats.


Registration and Program are coming soon