RISIS PATENT Tutorial is online on Zenodo community space.


The RISIS Patent database derives from the EPO PATSTAT, a database provided by the European Patent Office and considered as a reference in the field of patent intelligence and statistics. It contains bibliographical patent data from leading industrialised and developing countries.


Building on competencies accumulated over the years and mobilizing dedicated resources, IFRIS UPEM, as a research center specialized in quantitative STI,  has incorporated in the RISIS Patent database a series of improvements, stemming from outside providers or from its own proprietary developments (filling of missing data, calculations of indicators, geocoding of addresses and their allocation to functional urban areas, classification of technologies, typology of applicants).


The RISIS Patent database is designed for the analysis of technological knowledge creation, using patent as a proxy. It focuses on ‘priority patents’, the very first patent application for any new invention, that represent the creation of new knowledge, while other non-priority patents that describe either technical ameliorations or market extensions are mobilised as indicators of the importance of the priority patent.


The database is designed to be a user-friendly relational database using a Mysql querying environment. Including six tables, it provides essential patent information for analysing the geography and the actors of the knowledge production, the content and the value of the knowledge production.

This basic tutorial will provide condensed user-oriented information on the content of the RISIS Patent database for different kinds of research questions. It provides an overview on the main tables and data. For all technical details of the database refer to the RISIS Patent technical documentation (https://rcf.risis2.eu/dataset/5/metadata).