KNOWMAK, interface to RISIS data. A RISIS Policy meeting

On 19th December 2019, the Club of associated research organisations (Clora) of Brussels will host the second policymakers’ Session of RISIS project.

During the session, Benedetto Lepori, from Università della Svizzera Italiana and Thomas Scherngell, from Austrian Institute of Technology, will describe The RISIS-KNOWMAK tool as an interface to RISIS integrated data. KNOWMAK is an interactive  tool  allows  for  easy  navigation  and  visualization  of  RISIS indicators across regions, actors and topics, as well as to download data for further analysis.


KNOWMAK H2020 project has designed a database and an interactive tool to access integrated data from the core RISIS  datasets in form of relevant R&I indicators, including scientific publications, European  projects, patents, higher  education and  social  innovation  projects.

During the session, a demonstration of KNOWMAK tool will be given, and will be discussed the potential of the underlying RISIS-KNOWMAK data for various research and policy questions, exemplified by the characterization of knowledge production in the European regions.

Finally, the session will focus on future development of RISIS-KNOWMAK and open discussion.

The meeting is open to all policymakers and stakeholders who want to know and discuss about RISIS infrastructure, as well as RISIS tools and the main research outputs of RISIS data.


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