RISIS at ISSI, 17th International conference on Scientometrics & Infometrics

RISIS will present a poster on September 3 and 4, in occasion of ISSI Conference, the 17th International conference on Scientometrics & Infometrics.

The Conference, hosted by Sapienza University of Rome, will provide an international forum for scientists, research managers and administrators, as well as information and communication related professionals to share research and debate the advancements of informetric and scientometric theory and applications.

In this context, RISIS would like to contribute on the theme of the rapid appearing of new knowledge areas and of emerging a combination of different policy interests coming from a large variety of social actors.

We will investigate how our efforts could reduce asymmetries in actors producing new knowledge, in places where knowledge is generated.

During the conference, there will be a Special STI Indicators Conference Track on Challenges to the assessment of Science, Technology and Innovation, organised by the European Network of Indicator Designers (ENID).